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Resin DIY Study case

What’s the difference between resin materials?

Crystal glue is a kind of two – component AB glue. The main components are epoxy resin, benzyl alcohol, polyether amine, with low viscosity, high transparency, yellowing resistance, good bending resistance and other characteristics. After the signage and other printed parts are made, a layer of high tension coating is poured on the surface of the coating, which can rise to a height of 1.3mm. Because of its camber appearance, it is called the dome process in some countries.

  1. Soft crystal drops: it is a kind of two-component liquid, with high transparency, no shrinkage, no warping, good softness, good flexibility, no fracture, yellowing resistance and other characteristics. It is suitable for the surface decoration of electronic and electrical products such as trademarks and signs.
  2. Hard crystal drops: it is a kind of two-component liquid, high transparency, high hardness, suitable for badges, nameplates and other products of the surface decoration.
  3. Cambric glue: it is a two-component liquid mixture, can be mixed with a variety of epoxy paste. It is suitable for handicrafts such as hairpins and hair flowers
    Crystal drop label
    Crystal drop label
    Surface decoration, make the product lifelike, increase the market competitiveness.
  4. Grinding glue: it is suitable for the surface decoration of belt mouth, buttons, keys and other hardware products. It can be polished, polished and electroplated.
  5. PU adhesive: it is a kind of two-component polyamine fat mixture liquid, the best flexural resistance, no fracture, yellowing resistance period of more than three years, no abnormal change in hardness, suitable for high-grade electronic, electrical sign products surface decoration.



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