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Resin Coasters For Beginners

Spring has a hundred flowers, autumn has a moon, summer has a cool breeze and winter has snow.

The seasons change from year to year, week to week, but the good times are fleeting.

Every year the flowers are similar, every year the people are different,

In order to capture the beauty of the moment,

People start to use different tools to record and preserve.

Phonographs to record, cameras to record.

In the world of handicrafts, there is also an exclusive “camera”.

DIY epoxy is a great way to capture the beauty of a moment.

Resin coasters are easy to use and the finished product is not only for everyday use but also for permanent preservation.

Prepare the DIY materials and tools for the resin coasters

– Silicone molds
– Release sprays
– Flower arranging / dried flowers
– Plastic cups
– Crystal drips (AB glue)
– Wooden sticks
– Sewing needles

Configuring the drip glue ratio
Firstly, in two separate measuring cups, pour in glue A and glue B in a 2:1 ratio, weighing them to ensure the ratio is 2:1.

Secondly, mix the weighed A and B glues together and use a wooden stick to stir in one direction until completely mixed.

PS: Do not mix too quickly to avoid creating too many bubbles. Once mixed, leave to stand for a few minutes until some of the bubbles have disappeared.
Drip Pouring
Firstly, in order to make the finished product dry and come off more easily, you can spray a layer of release spray on the surface of the mould.
Secondly, pour the mix into the silicone mould. Note that you only need to fill half of it at this point.
Pattern design layout
Place the dried flowers lightly on the surface of the dripping glue and design the composition according to your own ideas.
(It is not advisable to choose fresh flowers as they tend to fade and discolour and affect the beauty of the finished product)
PS: When placing the petals, it is best to place them face down. This is because a further layer of drip glue will need to be poured over the surface later to prevent excessive air bubbles.

Drying and demoulding

Once the above steps have been completed, the drip adhesive is allowed to dry for 24-48 hours and is completely cured before being released from the mould.



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