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Logo Block

Five commonly used printing methods for acrylic:

1. Silk screen printing: Silk screen printing is generally used for simple logo printing of a single color, with strong concave and convex texture, but it cannot print graphics below 0.2mm.

2. Inkjet paper: similar to our common stickers, print the picture and directly paste it on the acrylic product, it can be pasted very neatly, completely avoid the bubbles inside, and the unit price is low. But the use time is not long, and the shelf life is about 1 year.

3. UV printing: also known as 3D flatbed color printing. Using mechanical printing, it is suitable for products with complex colors, and it is not easy to fade and scratch. There is a three-dimensional touch to the touch.

4. Micro-engraving: also called marking. It is suitable for the type of uneven board, the color after micro-engraving is as transparent as frosted, and the color can also be added to make the logo more obvious.

5. Thermal transfer flower film: Flower film is generally used for a large number of products. It is characterized by fast printing speed, high-definition patterns, and no color fading.

There are many specifications of logo blocks. If you like this kind of innovation, please contact us for catalog.