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Crystal Glue is composed of two-component AB glue, which can be cured at room temperature or heated to be used for product surface decoration. Then, how to use Crystal Glue, I will introduce to you today.

Crystal Epoxy molds generally use silicone molds. Silicone molds are easy to de-mold, non-sticky, and resistant to high temperatures (it can be baked at a high temperature of 250 degrees for a long time without deformation), corrosion resistance, strong tear resistance, and high precision simulation. , Is the most rational mold for making all kinds of crystal epoxy crafts.

How to operate soft crystal glue

  1. Prepare the following equipment: electronic scales, disposable plastic cups (or toothpicks, syringes), baking boxes (or greenhouses), vacuum, glue dispenser, etc.;

2. Weigh the A and B components of the crystal glue required at 3:1, heat the A group to about 40 ℃ and then add it to the B group, pour it into the container, stir evenly, and eliminate bubbles;

3. Use a small beaker or syringe to evenly drop the defoamed glue on the label. If the crystal glue on the edge of the label cannot be dripped (basically can be reached), you can use a small needle to move the glue to make the glue evenly spread on the surface;

4. Gel curing: After the label is painted, the gel time is about 3 hours at room temperature 25°C; the curing time is about 36 hours at room temperature. Or put the painted label into a 60°C constant temperature drying oven, and it will be completely cured in 3 hours;

5. If the customer has special requirements, the gel curing time and the softness and hardness of the cured glue can be appropriately adjusted according to the customer’s requirements;

6. The amount of glue can be controlled by the customer, and the remaining glue should not exceed 1 hour.

The operation method of hard crystal glue

  1. Prepare the following equipment: electronic scales, disposable plastic cups (or toothpicks, syringes), Huilai Crystal Epoxy AB glue, and other auxiliary equipment such as baking boxes (or greenhouses) for mass production in the factory. Vacuum and Epoxy can also be prepared Machine
  2. Put the disposable cup into the electronic scale, and add an appropriate amount of agent A according to the proportion of crystal glue indicated on the label (if you need to mix color paste or main agent first), then add an appropriate amount of agent B (arc Surface hardener);
  3. Pick up the cup and use the stick evenly, pour it into a drip bottle or suck it into a syringe, and then drip it to the proper position of the work;
  4. Put the dripped product horizontally at room temperature for 24 hours to dry. If you need to accelerate the curing, put the dripped product into the oven, or after a proper temperature and 2-4 hours, it can be cured.

The above are some related introductions about the use of crystal glue. I hope that so much can help you. I hope this article can give you a better understanding of this product.



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