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About epoxy resin

Type epoxy resin, raw material availability, low price, for users, operating conditions is relatively loose, demanding to the job shop without constant temperature, and humidity, also need not configure huge drip equipment, because of its glue mixture after solidification process is relatively slow, allowed the use of artificial drip or quantitative drip with the tools of small drops of glue.
Epoxy crystal glue is divided into soft and hard two. Soft crystal glue is suitable for and soft base material, such as adhesive, printed products, CD grain and other small signs combined with more characteristics, this kind of soft small signs large and wide, therefore, soft crystal glue and become the amount of large, the most popular crystal glue.
Hard crystal glue is suitable for decoration of metal or other hard signs. Because the smoothness and fullness of the surface of hard crystal glue is less than soft crystal glue, it is less used alone. Often, the right amount of color paste is added in the hard crystal glue, and the etched signs or other hardware accessories are filled, and then the characteristics of high hardness of the surface are used for grinding and polishing. Different color paste can produce different decorative effect,
Two - component - epoxy crystal adhesive material is cheap and easy to use. However, the Achilles heel of epoxy crystal glue is discoloration and yellowing, which can not withstand ultraviolet radiation. It will yellowing after a period of outdoor irradiation, and the transparency and glossiness will decline. At the same time, the weather resistance is also poor, there is a tendency to warp under low temperature. In recent years, a lot of crystal glue manufacturers, in this aspect has also invested more efforts, adjust and change the formula, increase plasticizer and hardening agent, made modified epoxy crystal glue, delay the yellowing time, improve the weather resistance, has achieved good results.



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