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Epoxy Resin DIY

Epoxy crystal glue is composed of high-purity epoxy resin, curing agent and other modifications. The cured product has the characteristics of water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and crystal clearness. It can play a good role in protecting the surface of craft products, increase its surface gloss and brightness, and further increase the surface decoration effect.

Now more and more craft lovers have joined the epoxy resin DIY.
We are very happy to share our resources with you.
1. AB epoxy glue
2. Silicone abrasive tools—no need for silicone molds with different shapes and specifications
3. Dried flowers-many different specimens of immortal flowers
4. Buried objects—3D models, stones, metals and other objects
5. Embedding tools-resin DIY kit, including all materials
6. Acrylic decorations-wooden brackets, LED bases, wooden boxes, etc.
7. Case sharing

There are many specifications of RESIN DIY SETS. If you like this kind of innovation, please contact us for catalog.

Dried Flower Pressed Flower

Dried flowers are essential for resin crafts. There are various dried flower embossing material packages.

silicone mold for resin

Silicone Mold for Resin

The silicone mold is resin. There are 10,000 kinds of silicone molds with different shapes and specifications

Resin DIY Kits

Resin DIY Kits

Resin DIY is TikTok most popular theme. There are different designs, beginner sets, advanced sets, luxury sets

Resin Jewelry Accessories

Resin crafts DIY must have jewelry accessories, here are pendants, bracelets, rings, belt buckles, hair clips, etc.

flower acrylic block

Resin Crafts Wood Display

The wooden display is resin crafts. There are wooden stands, LED lamp holders, music boxes, and Bluetooth speakers.

Pressed Flowers Frame

Dried Flower Frame DIY

Acrylic photo frame clamps dried flowers, leaves, grass and other specimens, pastes photos and signatures