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Study case

Notes on DIY resin crystal glue

1, use and storage should avoid direct sunlight irradiation and contact with high temperature, to prevent jelly. Generally stored in a cool and dark place at 25℃, especially in summer, the best low temperature storage.
2, crystal glue storage period is generally 6 months, more than 6 months can still be used with good performance.
3, the use of the configuration of the crystal glue encountered residual glue, do not pour back to the original unconfigured packaging, so as not to react, cause jelly phenomenon.
4, the use of syringes, beakers and other containers, available acetone. Alcohol cleaning.
5, the use of attention: with glue can not add other diluents, so as not to reduce the strength.
6. When there are water lines on the surface, pay more attention to them. When stirring, it must be uniform.
7, if the glue, stack will have a sticky substrate phenomenon, have to be heated again, dry so far.
8, drop glue, such as a large area of glue leakage, indicating that the thickness of the glue has exceeded the bearing capacity of the area, must be thinned!



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