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Study case

How do crystal drops set quickly

Heat insulated water bath can make the crystal drops solidify faster, raise the temperature can make the crystal drops dry faster. Change the formula of A glue or change the formula of B glue, concentration is A little light, it will dry faster. Shine the crystal under an ultraviolet lamp for about five minutes and the drops will set quickly.

1. If you want crystal drops to be able to be rapidly molded, you need to let it be heated quickly. You can use heating tools such as radiators, household heaters, warm pads and so on. Use these things at the same time, the temperature can not exceed 50 degrees, more than the crystal glue will produce a lot of bubbles, if not formed for a long time, indicating the proportion of the modulation error.

2, crystal drops in general at the beginning of the curing, slowly began to shape, but the beginning is just the appearance of the fixed, the internal has not formed solidification. Under normal temperature, dozens of grams of crystal drops in an hour can be preliminarily formed, but the volume of the larger is 3 to 4 hours to preliminarily cured, to fully formed inside the need to wait for 24 hours.

3, to accelerate the speed of molding is the only way to heat, the heated crystal drops will accelerate its chemical reaction, so that it will be rapid molding, if there is no heating tools, you can buy warm pad in advance.
If the crystal drops that do not form for a long time are encountered, it may indicate that the proportion of the glue modulation is not good, and the proportion can only be adjusted to make.

4. The general method to accelerate the solidification of crystal drops is to heat the solidification, but it is not recommended that the temperature be too high or the hair dryer will affect the surface of the finished product.