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Some questions about crystal drops

1. Bubbles appear after crystal glue curing. Bubbles are the problem of B agent, and a new curing agent! Convenient, do not want to change the words to take out a vacuum, or heating curing, there are bubbles because the solvent in the glue volatilizes out of the crystal glue curing too fast or viscosity is too large bubbles too late to run out of the generation;

2. Crystal drops of glue not stem, after curing with viscosity, moist, bubble eyes, normal, when the weather is good glue in low temperature, damp weather, will generate colloid has formed, but show a sense of viscosity, moisture, bubble eye, mainly colloidal itself be affected with damp be affected with damp is very serious, as a result, only overcome workshop humidity can really solve the problem, change the glue is not a problem the reason, the ratio of 3:1 glue moistureproof performance is better;

3. The crystal drops of glue, the glue has dried up, finger to also have no a fingerprint, but a protective film tear again on the adhesive surface will have lines stains, finger to wipe also won't disappear, crystal drops of gel after curing high hardness, could not cover the lines of stains, only one reason: crystal epoxy resin glue temperature tolerance is not very good, when I was in high temperature will become soft, if persistent under high temperature environment, will be softening deformation, may your product is a compound protective film and then only striped stains in high temperature environment.



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