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// Embedding objects in resin

Resin Embedment Chinese Manufacture

Guangxi Pinnacle Technology Co., Ltd (PNCL tech) start researching and producing the highest quality acrylic resin embedments on 2007.

Get to know us quickly:
1. Precise specimen processing technology and embedding technology,
2. Independently developed epoxy resin formula,
3. Advanced production equipment and skilled technicians,
4. 15 years of production and import and export experience,
5. Countless successful international project experience,

At present, our main product lines covers real insects blocks, flower in resin and customized epoxy resin items. These products are used in educational specimens, children’s toys, promotional items, decorative accessories, river tables, LED decorations and other fields.

Please contact us if you are interested. We will provide you with catalogue and samples.

"High-performance" Embedding Resin Material

After rigorous selection of resin raw materials and thounds of experiments of research and development, the PNCL tech team successfully developed new resin embedding materials and embedding technologies.

1. This embedding material has extremely high transparency, colorless and tasteless, and does not change color easily.
2. It has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and glossiness, and high temperature resistance.
3. Resin materials are available to variety of embedded objects, such as biological specimens, plants, stones, metals, plastics, oil droplets and so on.
4. The expert control of acrylic material great help us to design and develop resin embedments in various sizes and styles, then we get a high design and creation freedom.

// Comprehensive consultation

Project Management

 First of all, we have more than 15 years of resin embedment production experience. We are very familiar with every detail of project operation, and we can make accurate judgments and solutions to every problem. If you work with us, we explore how we can create your vision, whether it be through using our traditional craftsmanship or exploring new and exciting techniques, and make it materialise into a physical form. With our team of experts, you can be sure that we will develop your concept to its maximum potential.
Moreover, work with PNCL tech, your project will get the highest quality, the lowest price, and the shortest delivery time. Let’s start talking about the embedding project now!

// Creative concept of embedment

Creative And Design Services

Acrylic has amazing properties and comes in many forms.Whether starting with a rough idea, or a manuscript, or full CAD drawings, good samples, our designers will choose the right form to compliment your concept, and guides you through the creation process at each stage. With our team of experts, you gain a singular insight into embedding materials and processes, sure that we will develop your concept to its maximum potential. In addition, our experienced team will help you control your budget by adjusting the design and matching different ’S resources, make your project stand out from the crowd.
If you have a project you’d like to discuss jump straight to our contact page. Alternatively follow the link below and learn more about design at PNCLtech.

// Creating a physical product to represents you and your brand.

Custom Manufacturer

With our 15 years experience, we have delivered countless embedment projects and work with people of all backgrounds ncluding famous international brands. Our approach is fluid in nature and we start from a hand drawn sketch or a samples to mass production. Our experienced team guides you through the creation process at each stage. The process starts with your input into a design and a budget for your project. We will offer you a CAD design, then make several samples and quotation for approval or to make changes before proceeding with production on the final quantity. If you are interested in this, please contact us for a solution.
// Embedment packing service

Packing & Delivery


“Quality First” is our production philosophy. Each part of the acrylic piece is meticulously inspected to ensure your product is finished to perfection. We are proud of every project that leaves our factory and so we make sure that our quality control leaves no room for error. In addition, we can provide various Custom packaging. Although it is a small number of orders, we are also very happy to print your logo and fit Amazon’s FBA label. At the same time, after the box drop test, your project will be delivered through safe hands.
For logistics, we are VIP to express, air, China-Europe train, and sea.

// related resources for embedment

Supply Chains


After many years of cooperation, we have accumulated a lot of related resources and completed countless projects with our brother factories. In order to help customers create more works, we are very happy to share these trustworthy resources with everyone. Such as specimens, butterflies, dried flowers, silicone abrasives, wooden frames, LED lights, furniture, etc. If you are interested in this, please contact us to start cooperation.

Books Project For Poverty-stricken Areas

            In many remote and underdeveloped areas, primary and secondary schools have a severe shortage of books in their libraries for children to read. We imagine a world where every child has books available to read or for friends or family members to read to them. To help achieve that goal, the PNCL team has partnered with educational institutions in rural and impoverished areas to provide these schools with books suitable for children of all ages and stages of learning. By addressing the shortage of reading resources in these areas, we help students satisfy their desire for knowledge and fun and encourage a love of books and reading.